Animal prints

Animal prints in fashion come and go, but I've always loved all the patterns and colours created by nature.
Giraffe Saddle Bag - Tocha Studio
It turns out that, once again, this is the season for "everything animal".
Happily, we live in times when we can surround ourselves with those beautiful patterns without killing and stealing anyone's skin. There are a huge range of man-made materials that can be woven, knitted or printed with any pattern or design possible.
Giraffe Saddle Bag - Tocha Studio
This bag is made of Washpapa (a material made of cellulose fibres and latex that is an imitation of leather) with the photo of a giraffe's coat printed onto it. The UV print is durable and has a slightly shiny surface.
Giraffe Saddle Bag - Tocha Studio
The bag pattern (inspired by Dior's iconic saddle bag) was made by Ujamaa Bagettes and this is my interpretation.
Ujamaa Bagettes is part of a charity that helps communities in sub-Saharan Africa affected by HIV/Aids. So, by purchasing this pattern, we can also help a good cause.
Giraffe Saddle Bag - Tocha Studio
The Giraffe Saddle Bag will be available soon :)

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